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Potent Performance used to be known as Potent detailing and after years of working on high end vehicles and taking part in many sanctioned race events nationally.
We have decided to open our doors to the tuning market after countless tuning hours and months on months of training and years of racing to provide our clients with the best possible service, by using only genuine tuning tools and staying up to date with the latest updates on the tuning scene and treating our client’s vehicles like it’s our own which has always been our foundation under our previous name.
Where most people talk about phases and staged tuning. We at Potent Performance will log and custom tune your vehicle specifically which makes your tune unique and not generic, while keeping your vehicle safe.
We are able to retune most of the vehicles on the road today and the latest vehicles being it fleet vehicles, Suv, Bakkies, Cars and Vans through the stock oem ecu via the obd port by achieving great results being it for economy or performance gains for the street or race tracks.

  • Speed Limiter / Vmax off
  • Diagnostic scan / Recalibrations
  • DPF/Catalyst/O2 Lambda/Fap/GPF/OPF/GPF/AdBlue & Egr Delete Off
  • CheckSum Correction / Pops&Bang / Burble / Custom Economy /Performance remaps

We are also the authorized dealer/stockist of the BlueArc Ecu aftermarket management system.
If you need aftermarket management tuning being it BlueArc ecu, dictator ect for start-up maps, road tuning and dyno tuning please don’t hesitate to call us.
We offer a complete service where you can get your vehicle tuned, detailed and service all at 1 spot.

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What We Do

Performance ECU remapping

Through ECU remapping we can enhance almost any vehicles performance. All our maps are custom tuned to specifically suit and meet the needs of your vehicle individually.

Remove the DPF / 02 / EGR or Lambda deletes

Is your vehicle in limp mode due to DPF /02 / EGR or Lambda problems? Get your vehicle 100% back to normal with a custom DPF / EGR or Lambda delete.

Oem Ecu Full Race Setup

Through ECU remapping we able to enhance almost any vehicles performance. By remapping the software, cars can gain up to 30% performance.

Vehicle Detailing Paint Correction

We have been doing this for a decade only using the best possible products on the market and always achieving the best results to keep your ride looking and feeling amazing.

Oem Ecu Custom Tune

Require custom tuning solutions? Want your car to spit flames or run with crackle and pop maps? Potent Performance has a wide variety of add-on tuning solutions that you can add to our performance tuning

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